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Edmonton Chiropractor Dr. Don MacDonald provides the practice members of South Side Chiropractic with state-of-the-art vitality care.
He and his friendly staff welcome people from all walks of life, from the active athlete, baby boomer and overwhelmed parent
to those suffering from burnout, a sedentary lifestyle or chronic stress.

Our passion is to help the members of our community in Edmonton and beyond, live active lives, free of the burden of dysfunction.

Vitality Care With Your Edmonton Chiropractor

We partner with our practice members in helping them to optimize their health potential. We know that a well-functioning nervous system leads to an active life and healthy joint function.

Optimal health allows people to take part in the everyday activities that they love, such as looking after their kids, golfing, gardening, and having better focus at work. It’s our job to help the members of our Edmonton chiropractic practice family to blossom and thrive, far beyond what they thought was possible.

We’re able to accomplish this through the vitality care that we offer as part of our cutting-edge
chiropractic care programs. These are customized lifestyle modifications designed
to help produce better sleep, more energy and less stress.

We often refer to the results we achieve
as living life fully, all the time.

Cherish Your Most Valuable Asset

Invest in your well-being, because health is your most precious asset.

It’s our sincere desire to help you achieve the best health and function
possible. Your chiropractor Edmonton cares about you and wants to earn your trust.

Please take advantage of all the information provided and contact us personally
if we can offer specific information suited to your healthcare needs.

Remember, we are here because chiropractic works!

Get in touch with South Side Chiropractic in Edmonton to learn more. (780) 439-3444

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