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About South Side Chiropractic

Dr. Don has been practicing chiropractic care for over 24 years, and loves restoring health naturally to the Edmonton community. When he decided to open the practice here, he wanted to bring a small-town, welcoming atmosphere into the city, and believes South Side Chiropractic is exactly that!

One of our main goals is to help people understand just how amazing their body is, and that when given the right opportunities, it’s able to heal on its own.

When function is restored to the areas of your spine that aren’t working properly, balance can be achieved within the parasympathetic nervous system, helping you navigate gravity and adapt to your environment better.


Find Safety and Comfort Here

The overall health and wellness of our practice members is our top priority. Here, we aim to create a space that’s calming, safe, and encourages healing. When a practice member chooses us, we want to build a lasting relationship that’s filled with trust. We create trust with those we welcome into our care by offering honest advice and recommendations when it comes to their health goals.

When you choose South Side Chiropractic for your care, you can rest easy knowing that your best interest always comes first.

Getting to the Root of Your Issue

As Dr. Don says, “I aim to find the problem behind the problem.” When a person comes to us, they don’t always know what the issue is-but they certainly know where their pain lies. Pain is often the last symptom to show up, and where it appears may actually not be where the issue is in your body.

Our chiropractors use advanced and focused testing to determine exactly where the dysfunction is occurring in your body, so that we can build a custom care plan designed to bring relief and restored healing.

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